Internationale JKA stage S. MIYAZAKI

T. Imamura Sensei

Rank: 7th DanBirthdate: 07/10/1958University: Takushoku UniversityStarted Karate: 1st year of universityMotto: "First be taught; learning comes later"T. Imamura Sensei

Y. Hanzaki Sensei

Rank: 7th DanBirthdate: 12/12/1962University: Taisho UniversityStarted Karate: 1st year of high schoolMotto: "Do everything with spirit!"Hanzaki sensei

Y. Ohta Sensei

Rank: 7th DanBirthdate: 03/11/1959University: Takushoku UniversityStarted Karate: 3rd year of high schoolENOEDA sensei’s assistent from 1982 till 2003Ohta sensei

K. Chubachi Sensei

Rank: 4th DanBirthdate: 25/02/1987University: Teikyo UniversityStarted Karate: 7 years oldMotto: "Everyday is training!"Chubachi sensei

S. Gneo Sensei

Rank: 7th DanStarted Karate: 3rd year of high schoolChief instructor JKA Belgium since 1993S. Gneo Sensei

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