In 2018, for the first a separate youngster day was organized, for the 25th edition of the international JKA camp S. MIYAZAKI. The participants were enthusiastic and so the organization decided to re-organize a special youngster day on Saturday June 29th 2019.

Target audience

youngsters from 7 until 16 years (born between 2003 and 2011).


  • letting our young karateka enjoy our traditional karate
  • giving our young karateka the chance to fraternise with karateka of other clubs


  • 10.30 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.: training given by members of national selection team JKA Belgium
  • 12.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.: sandwich & drink
  • 12.30 p.m. – 02.30 p.m.: training given by Japanese guest instructor
  • 02.30 p.m. – 03.00 p.m.: healthy snack
  • 03.00 p.m. – 04.30 p.m.: other activity (inside / outside depending from the weather circumstances) (*)
  • 04.30 p.m. – 04.45 p.m.: group photo
  • 04.45 p.m. – 05.00 p.m.: shower
  • 05.00 p.m. – 06.00 p.m.: watching together the “demo challenge”

(*) Regular sporting clothes are designated for these other activity, which will be held inside or outside depending from the weather circumstances.


  • 20 euro by youngster (all in > see program above) if only participation in the youngster day
  • free participation if the youngster is registered for participation for the entire camp


  • this youngster dag is a collaboration between the youthkaratecamp and the international JKA camp S. MIYAZAKI
  • a youngster registered for participation for the entire camp, gets free entrance to the youngster day and can further on participate to all trainings on Friday June 28th 2019 and Sunday June 30th 2019


  • youngsters who DO NOT wish to participate in the youngster day, are welcome to participate on Saturday June 29th 2019 to the regular training sessions (by kyu)