In 2018, for the first a separate demo challenge was organized, for the 25th edition of the international JKA camp S. MIYAZAKI. The participants were enthusiastic and so the organization decided to hold some demonstrations on Saturday June 29th 2019.

Target audience

Demo challenge 2019

All karateka, but most of all youngsters


  • bringing the various possibilities of our traditional karate forward
  • impressing our young karateka by karate, as S. MIYAZAKI Shihan could preciously
  • tribute to S. MIYAZAKI Shihan


Saturday June 29th 2019 between 17.00 p.m. – 18.00 p.m.


Free entrance for everybody

Participation conditions

  • each club that participates at the international JKA camp S. MIYAZAKI may delegate 1 demo-team
  • the participating demo-team includes youngsters and/or adults (without age limits)
  • the participating demo-team includes a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 karateka
  • each karateka wears a white karate-gi
  • the use of attributes is allowed
  • the maximum duration of the demo by each demo team is 3 minutes (including alignment & saluting)

General information

  • there will be maximum 5 demo-teams allowed
  • following order of inscription = following order of participation
  • inscription by inscription will be confirmed by the organization)
  • inscription at the latest Friday June 21st 2019
  • each participant will recieve a nice gift

The organisation of the international JKA camp S. MIYAZAKI wishes all participating demo-teams the best of luck with their demo and looks forward to: the difficulty, the finishing tough and degree of originality that they will submit to the day.